New Sermon Series

A New Sermon Series Begins Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Acts of the Apostles

Acts is a historical account of how the resurrection of Jesus changes everything through the birth of the First Century church!

In Acts, the gospel expands through weakness, opposition, and persecution. Hostility and suffering did not foil the spread of Jesus’ Gospel; rather, they only fuel it.

Why should we study this wonderful Book of Acts?

1. It is the record of actual history.

2. It is full of important instructions.

3. It contains a clear exposition of vital Christian doctrine.

4. It contains many exciting biographies.

5. It describes numerous, notable, life-changing testimonies.

6. It has great inspirational value.


Join us as we learn about the people who turned the world upside down, and you may just be turned upside down, too.

We are the Church. This is our story. Let’s learn it. Let’s celebrate it!

In the love of the Lamb,

Pastor Steven