new to mother lode church?

Thanks for visiting us online!

We hope to meet you soon in person at our church home. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you’re welcome here. Maybe you’re not a follower of Jesus, but you have some questions and are checking things out. Welcome!
Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in a church at all. Welcome!
Maybe you’re a follower of Jesus already and are looking for a church home. Welcome!
We look forward to getting to know you.

What to Expect

Mother Lode Church is a safe place to bring your doubts, questions, and curiosities, regardless of your beliefs or background. We invite you to come and visit. What you’ll find is a group of people who truly desire to know God, enjoy His Word (the Bible), and understand that the road of life was never meant to be traveled alone.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable. We are a “come as you are to Jesus” church. Jeans and ties are equally welcomed.

Am I expected to put money in the offering?

Offerings are given as an act of worship for attendees who call MLC their home. For new visitors, your presence is a gift to us.

What do I do before the service?

While waiting for the service to begin, stop by the Friendship Coffee Connection for free breakfast snacks, or spend an early moment in the auditorium to focus your thoughts on God. Fill out the “Connection Card” to let us know your attendance.

What is available for my kids?

We love kids! Our nursery is safe and clean and is staffed to provide exceptional care for your little ones ages 0-3. Faith Kid-Nextion runs concurrently with the Family Worship Service. Children are always welcome to remain in the adult worship meeting.

What type of music will there be?

“Blended worship” is the norm for our weekend worship services. There are occasions when timeless hymns are used to bridge the gap between old and new contemporary Christian music.

How do I get there?


More questions?

Check out the rest of our website where you can find a calendar of events, our statement of faith, meet our leadership team, listen to recent sermons, read the pastor’s blog, and more.