Soccer Camp

Mother Lode Church

Summer Soccer Camp

(This year, 2018, our Summer Soccer Camp will also be in August. Stay tuned for the exact dates.)


The week of August 7-11, Mother Lode Church was again privileged to offer its Summer Soccer Camp.  We were able to host 22 children and teach them soccer skills and share Bible lessons with them.  Although the camp was hosted by Mother Lode Church and under the direction of Connie Eaton of Mother Lode Church, we also had support from Carl and Debby Geil and Bob and Marilyn Halk, all of whom are Bible teachers with Child Evangelism Fellowship. We also were able to again have Steve Beck as our soccer coach.

Thank you to all the above-mentioned people as well as the many Mother Lode Church helpers.  We hope to again be able to offer the Summer Soccer Camp in 2018, although it would probably be a bit earlier so that it does not conflict with the early opening of some of our local schools.  This is a great way to reach the community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.